Ruhunu Hospitals (Pvt.) Ltd. is a fully fledged private hospital which has been in the healthcare industry for the past 21 years. We have been certainly providing an immense service for our clients by being pioneers in the Southern Province to have quality and affordable healthcare services in the private sector. We have also established a well-furnished Laboratory under the name of “Ruhunu Hospital Diagnostics” to offer trusted diagnostics service at affordable costs for our valued customers.

Ruhunu Hospital Diagnostics is one of the fully facilitated laboratories in Southern Province. RHD provides superlative service for our customers with the reliable reports and service. We have expanded our service all over the Galle District and a part of the Matara District by establishing sample collecting centers connected with RHD.

We have been able to deliver our valuable service through experienced and qualified Phlebotomists and Medical Laboratory Technicians under the guidance of a panel of specialists in Southern Region. We use latest, fully automated analyzer, reputed brands and we have registered with EQA (External Quality Assurance) programs to ensure quality. Hence we are able to proudly guaranty the accuracy and the quality of our service.



Be the market leader by becoming the laboratory service provider of choice through offering advanced technology, exceptional health information delivery, and superior customer services of the international standard.



To provide quality laboratory diagnostic information to help improve the health and wellbeing of the community we serve.



  • Quality – We strive to exceed the expectations of all of our customers by committing to deliver quality and value in every aspect of our work.
  • Compassion – We provide care with dignity, concern, kindness and a respect for the diversity of our community.
  • Team Work – We foster an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, openness and cooperation.
  • Enthusiasm – We remember that the true meaning of this value is “to be inspired” and we do our jobs with the same spirit and commitment that first inspired us to work in healthcare.
  • Respect – We promise to honor the dignity, individuality and rights of everyone, and to pay particular attention to patient’s rights to privacy, confidentiality and information.

Lab Services

Lab services are conducted under following areas.

  • Biochemistry
  • Haematology
  • Histopathology
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Serology

Laboratory - RHD Application


  • Only pathology reports are accessible.
  • View your reports with one click.
  • Ability to print, e-mail or save your reports.


Now available on:

  • App Store
  • Google Play
Google Play

Online Laboratory Reports

Please enter your Bill Number and Phone Number in the given link to access your lab reports.


Our Collecting Centers

Area Collecting Center Address Contact No.
Ahungalla Nimed Medical Laboratory No.31, Galle Rd, Ahungalla +94 913923242 / +94 912265040
Akuressa Akuressa Hospital Akuressa +94 777302705
Sampath Channel Center 39E, Matara Rd, Akuressa +94 773658148
Suwana Medical Centre No.78/9, Matara Rd, Akuressa +94 412284929
Heladiwa Health Center No.44, Matara Rd, Akuressa +94 775552500
Hirudi Pharmacy &Nursing Care No.82, Thibbatuwawa, Akuressa +94 718508989
Aluthwala Wimalasiri Pharmacy Wimalasiri Pharmacy, Aluthwala +94 778924385
Ambalangoda Roseth Hospital (Pvt) Ltd No.7, Kularathna Rd, Ambalangoda +94 912258852 / +94 777281543
Aromed Medicare No.19, Siriniketharama Rd, Patabendimulla, Ambalangoda +94 774046600
Ampegama Karapitiya Medical Center Molpathala Junction, Ampegama +94 777896375
Union Pharmacy Baddegama Rd, Ampegama +94 915715595
Baddegama Jeewaka Laboratory Service Green View, Galle Rd, Baddegama +94 778766905
Baddegama Medical Laboratory In front of the Base Hospital, Galle Rd, Baddegama +94 773181977
Balapitiya Ashoka Medi Clinic No.45, Pathegama, Balapitiya +94 912256878
Arogya Medicare Center No.522, Walgedara, Balapitiya +94 712315612
Batapola Savidya Medi House Mahawatta, Batapola +94 778135991
Surangi Pharmacy & Grocery Mahawatta, Batapola +94 774912020
Bogahagoda Bogahagoda Medi Lab Galle Rd, Bogahagoda +94 773181977
Deniyaya Samagi Medi Lab Kotapola, Deniyaya +94 773132964
Dikkubura Dikkubura Medical Centre Dikkubura Medical Centre, Dikkubura +94 917925660 / +94 716050048
Elpitiya Kurundugaha Medical No.83, Kurundugaha, Elpitiya +94 714846460 / +94 710894477
Elpiti Medical & Food City Pvt Ltd 103A, Main Street, Elpitiya +94 915620608 / +94 912291007
Elpiti Medical & Food City Pvt Ltd 103A, Main Street, Elpitiya +94 912290466 / +94 773082582
Sahana Medi Lab Aluthgama Rd, Elpitiya +94 915719718
Hemachandra Medi House & Food City Kurundugaha, Elpitiya +94 773929681
Medi First Laboratory Main Street, Kurundugaha, Elpitiya +94 779096787
Suwa Piyasa Medicare Pituwala Rd, Elpitiya +94 912290300 / +94 912290444
Ruhunu Medi Lab Hospital Junction, Elpitiya +94 714890986
New Amuna Medical Laboratory Hospital Junction, Elpitiya +94 713356199
Galle Need Checkup Centre No.20B, Akuressa Rd, Dewata, Galle +94 914920197
Sampath Medi Lab Udugama Rd, Makuluwa, Galle +94 724651823
Arogya Medical Centre Kanampitiya Rd, Galle +94 727758114
Sha Medical Laboratory No.282, Baddegama Rd, Sarenthukade Junction, Galle +94 772658847 / +94 914547575
Fertisouth Fertility Centre No.38, Kithulampitiya Rd, Kalegana, Galle +94 770858787 / +94 718032200
Micro Medical Laboratory Thalagaha Junction, Galle +94 714551455
Ginthota Medi Check Laboratory No.281, Kurunduwatta, Ginthota +94 772289775
Kurunduwatta Clinic Kurunduwatta, Ginthota +94 770773726
Haemo Medical Laboratory Welipitimodara, Gintota +94 775560488
Ginimellagaha Southern Pharmacy & Grocery Rathgama Rd, Dodangoda, Ginimellagaha +94 715631384
Gonapinuwala Family Medi Clinic Baddegama Rd, Gonapinuwala +94 912275706
Habaraduwa Matara Laboratory Dikkubura Rd, Habaraduwa +94 777900956
Hikkaduwa Suwasahana Laboratory No.76/3, Baddegama Rd, Arachchikanda, Hikkaduwa +94 772272025
Isiwara Medical Center Baddegama Rd, Hikkaduwa +94 773061881
Hiniduma Hiniduma Medical Laboratory Near DH, Hiniduma +94 773181977
Imaduwa Jayachemi Pharmacy Yakkalamulla Rd, Imaduwa +94 718145073
Imaduwa Medi Lab Galle Rd, Imaduwa +94 773781977
Prabath Pharmacy Prabhath Pharmacy, Imaduwa +94 772289759
Nayana Grocery Ihala Walpala, Imaduwa +94 777103351
Karapitiya Medi Lab Karapitiya 106A, Hirimbura Cross Rd, Karapitiya +94 914381081 / +94 776105665
People’s Lab No.133, Hirimbura Cross Rd, Karapitiya +94 718205214
Mapalagama Nagodavithana Medi Lab Mapalagama +94 718085462
Matara Dr. T. H. P. Kumara Medical No.62B, Akuressa Rd, Matara +94 412234237
Meetiyagoda Accucheck Medi Lab Accucheck Medi Lab, Meetiyagoda +94 915719929 / +94 712264956
Nagoda Isiwara Pharmacy In front of the Police, Mapalagama Rd, Nagoda +94 777239084
Nagoda Medical Center Nagoda Junction, Nagoda +94 775344307
Nakiyadeniya Pasan Pharmacy Tammitiya, Sri Saranapala MW, Nakiyadeniya +94 774820491
Neluwa Neluwa Medi Lab Morawaka Rd, Near Dental Clinic, Neluwa +94 773181977
Dilmina Pharmacy Udugama Rd, Neluwa +94 718836222
Nilan Medical Diagnostics Dellawa Rd, Neluwa +94 913927418
Surangi Pharmacy & Grocery Super Market, Neluwa +94 763113757
Poddala City Medi Lab Balagoda Junction, Galle Rd, Poddala +94 773181977
Rathgama Nugasewana Medical Center Nugagahawatta, Mawadawila, rathgama +94 718127969
Thalgaswala K. G. N. Medi House 1st Rd, Niyagama, Thalgaswala +94 912296215 / +94 772988217
Thalapitiya Nursing Home Thalapitiya Thalapitiya +94 913034984 / +94 718310344
Thawalama Hiniduma Medical Services Akuressa Rd, Thawalama +94 773851120
Udugama Udugama Medical Laboratory Service Udugama South, Udugama +94 773181977
City Medi Lab Jayanthi Junction, Udugama Rd +94 773181977
Unawatuna Sethsewana Pharmacy Eramudugaha Junction, Unawatuna +94 718388118
Unawatuna Medical Center No.1, Dalawella Rd, Unawatuna +94 912250755 / +94 77157452
Walpola Dakshina Med Lab Imaduwa Rd, Walpola +94 775756312
Wanduraba Wanduraba Medi Lab Baddegama Rd, Wanduraba +94 772412334
Dinuli Dress Point & Multi Shop ‘Sinhagiri’ Mabotuwana, Wanduraba +94 773320637
Weligama Weligama Medical Laboratory No.314, Old Galle Rd, Weligama +94 412251595
Weligama Medical Centre No.441E, Matara Rd, Weligama +94 412250484
Yakkalamulla S. S. Medi Lab Galle Rd, Yakkalamulla +94 912286771
Dighayu Medical Center No.31, Akuressa Rd, yakkalamulla +94 767127102
Yakkalamulla Medi Lab Yakkalamulla +94 714488821 / +94 771624751
Yatalamaththa Candana Pharmacy Galle Rd, Yatalamaththa +94 777589339 / +94 770596969
Medical Center Yatalamaththa Yatalamaththa Junction, Yatalamaththa +94 718205191