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With diligent years of service rendered to the healthcare sector of Sri Lanka, our Ruhunu Hospital network has expanded its services and facilities to a multitude of people. We provide significant services to our consumers at Ruhunu Hospital by being forerunners in providing innovative, quality, and economical healthcare services in the private sector. We enlarged our hospital in 2013 by adding a new wing with additional channel rooms and luxury in-ward accommodations. The notion of applying new solutions and thereby providing a premium quality healthcare service to our patients distinguishes us from other healthcare providers. Furthermore, we are recognized as the Southern Province's premier provider of patient care and diagnostic services. This is due to our customized patients care and the unique services we provide, such as a fertility research center, mammograms, and a dialysis unit, which are not accessible in any other private-sector hospital.

Moreover, along with the grand opening of the hospital's new building, we have been able to establish the largest ICU Unit in the Southern Province and the largest Operation Theater in the Southern Province. These extensive developments are done by the virtue of our ceaseless desire to accommodate the healthcare needs of the general public. Within the past few years, the Ruhunu Hospital opened a brand-new Catheterization Laboratory, MRI Unit, and Maternity Care Center in hopes of providing the best quality and most reliable care for all kinds of patients. The Ruhunu Hospitals house over 100 Consultants and are anticipating extending our ministrations in the near future.